T.C.Hair Clinic in Istanbul , we are entirely dedicated to hair care and focused on candidate satisfaction. We are not agents of any clinic but we are specialized and independent operators. And related coordination and booking of medical holidays in Istanbul with guaranteed results and affordable prices for all. We can permanently solve your baldness problems.  And for those cases where results are not completely satisfactory, the operation will be repeated without charging surgery costs.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to face and solve problems such as baldness, thinning, alopecia, hair loss, but also just a simple receding hairline, helping patients regain happiness and a smile. Nowadays, these medical conditions can be solved in only one or two sessions, and for an economic cost which is accessible to everyone.

Patient satisfaction is our priority. Before, during and after the eventual and necessary therapies, we provide the best attention to the care and well-being of your hair. For this reason, in addition to offering quality and experience in hair transplantation, we guarantee a complete service. This way, with us it is possible to combine to both solve your baldness problem, all the while having a pleasurable holiday abroad.

The positive effects of the surgery are immediately visible; the almost definitive effects will show themselves month by month with thick, natural hair, beard and mustache after a maximum of 12/18 months, with the process’s completion. All this depends a lot on the patient’s age and on hair growth speed. On average, after 8/10 months, patients are happy with the result achieved.

The reason for our Clinic

Our project stems from the consolidation of the medical trichological vacation phenomenon, developed over recent years in order to cope with the high cost of beauty treatments in UK. Traveling for health purposes has become a reason for more people to consider going abroad for undergoing all kinds of surgeries, including hair transplants, cosmetic and dentistry surgery.

Currently, Turkey is considered as the number one country in the world for hair transplants. With our Clinic you can count on a convenient price and on the best quality compared to other countries, especially for hair transplants using the FUE  or FUT technique and other similar procedures.

In order to achieve the same result in UK as a hair transplant session in Turkey, more sessions would be required; this means more costs, traveling and time spent. For all these reasons, we have decided to combine the decades of experience in hair transplants of an excellent team of specialized medical assistants, with the professionalism of travel agents. All this in a country, Turkey, which is considered as one of the world’s leaders in aesthetic tre


How will we proceed with the surgery?

According to the patient’s needs, a surgery room is reserved in a hospital or clinic setting. Before surgery, it is necessary to sign the informed consent (Informed Consent Statement for the Surgery of Hair Transplantation) for both the patient and the doctor in charge of the team of hair transplant specialists. After that, the patient pays for the procedure, while always counting on our presence for clarifying all kinds of questions before, during and after the procedure.

Safety is our first goal.

Over time, our agency has developed winning methods which allow us to provide patients with the best services: goodbye baldness, zero setbacks and costs kept affordable.

With us, patients will find a welcoming environment, with a friendly staff always by their side. The attention to the patient and his assistance throughout the trichological treatment are our pride. From the first medical consultation to the post-operative feedback, we guarantee the utmost attention to every need and necessity of our patients.

Furthermore, we reject any prejudice and distinction among hair transplant candidates, as we are supporters of respect and mutual tolerance.

The T.C,Hair Clinic offers a service of excellence, including: hotel in the center of Istanbul, transfers, eventual companion from UK, interpreter, and finally, the precision and attention to detail of our specialists who have been performing hair transplants for years.

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