Post Operative Wash

Post Operative Wash

Washing will help remove scabs and help with the healing process. We will reccomend you a shampoo and a lotion for hair wash procedure.

3 days after hair transplant operation you should start post-transplant hair washing process and follow the instructions once a day for 15 days.

If all scabs are removed after 15 days you do not have to use lotion anymore, feel free to use any kind of shampoo for washing and you can start to rub in the shampoo gently with your fingertips.

If you still have scabs on your head, you should go on with the obligatory washing with the lotion and shampoo until there will be no scabs on your head. All scabs should be gone within 20 days at the latest.

1 Month after the operation you will have passed the risky stage; you can go back to your normal life and use towels as well. Hair must be washed everyday for 1 month.

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