Pre Post Instructions

What to do before and after the intervention

Instructions on what to do and what not to do before and after a hair transplant surgery:

Before an intervention

  • A week before surgery to stop taking alcohol
  • Do not use aspirin for 10 days before surgery
  • Do not use lotions that can alter the quality of hair and skin tissue
  • Before surgery tell your doctor that you are taking medicines regularly for pressure, for the heart, in case you’re diabetic or medicines for chronic diseases
  • Swim one day before surgery (before reaching the clinic)
  • Dressed in a comfortable shirt
  • Take a good breakfast before reaching the clinic
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For the first 3 days after surgery

  • It ‘not recommended to perform heavy work
  • Do not take alcohol, smoking and coffee
  • Avoid stress
  • Follow the prescription as described by the doctor
  • Protect your head any impact at least for 7 days
  • Absolutely not sleep with the face down
  • The day after surgery raised an elastic bandage
  • After the third day, as presccrizione, wash the head with the ingredients indicated by the doctor
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For the first 15 days after surgery

  • To facilitate the process of regeneration of skin tissue, you make gentle massages once a day lasting 10 minutes to the transplant using the fingertips doing circular movements, gently. It will also help rialssarvi
  • Must wash the head every day with Sebamed shampoo and Bepanthol lotion
  • Protect your head from the sun for at least 15 days
  • Complete healing of the skin occurs within the first 15 days after surgery
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Over the first 15 days after surgery

  • At the third week cadaranno transplanted hair. Nothing to worry about, it’s normal. The third month all over before hair will grow back
  • Do not swim in the sea and in pscina for the first month after transplantation
  • At the end of the first and second halves send us your photos so you can see the differences between the before and after intervention

Sport activity

  • You can do sports after 20 days of surgery, protecting his head
  • Protect your head from strong sunlight and activities that can cause trauma in the period between the fourth and sixth week after transplantation.
  • The third month after the surgery you can play soccer.

Care after surgery

  • Take the first wash on the third day. After the third day the hair washed for all the 6 days seccessivi
  • The first 5 days wash them gently and with a little pressure
  • After the fifth day, always wash them gently with light pressure of the finger tips
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How to wash your head

  • Dampen the hair and pour a small amount of shampoo in the palm of the hands. Rub them until you get a soft foam. Applied on the graft, dabbing (with touch movement and retouching). Procederte to wash gently massaging the scalp.
  • Rinse plenty of lukewarm water (without a strong jet of water)
  • Repeat washing if necessary.
  • The washing must be done without rubbing!
  • The washing procedure ends by applying the lotion on the part of the levy
  • Do not dry your hair with a hair dryer. You can use a towel with care and without rubbing
  • Do not use gel or hair spray for at least 15 days
    If the patient wishes to use hair dryer will have to use a cold air blast
  • These devices serve to maintain the clean and moist crusts. 10 days after the intervening comincieranno scabs to fall.
  • Never use your fingernails to remove the crusts otherwise the bulbs will be hooked.

For 10 days particular care given to the trapinato and pay attention against shock and injury, type sfregature.

  • After three weeks the transplanted hair will fall 60%
  • After 8-12 weeks the hair that fell in the third and fourth weeks, regrow
  • After 6 months your hair will have grown by 70% and if you want you can make a full cut. Do not use the machine to cut hair for the first 3 months only scissor cuts
  • After the seventh month will grow back the remaining 30% of your hair. During this time the hair will take their normal shape
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